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Vietnamese coffee has gained popularity swiftly due to its rich, unique flavor and range of preparation options. As a result, foreign cafe shops/ restaurants have increased their interest in and time spent looking for Vietnamese coffee wholesale suppliers.

The important of coffee wholesale suppliers

Wholesale coffee supplier is a company that purchases beans directly from farmers in large quantities. The primary focus of wholesale coffee beans suppliers is to supply the beans at a lower cost per unit than if businesses were to purchase smaller quantities directly from the source.

These vendors play a crucial role in the supply chain, let's take a closer look at it:

  • Ensuring the quality of coffee beans throughout the supply chain, it includes sorting and testing for the taste, aroma.
  • Vendors are responsible for packaging and storing the coffee to preserve their freshness and flavor. 
  • Ensuring smooth transactions, time deliveries.
The crucial role of wholesale coffee supplier

The crucial role of wholesale coffee supplier

88 Coffee - Bulk coffee supplies for your business

88 Coffee, with bulk coffee supply services - The perfect solution for your business, restaurant, or store. Offering a diverse option for drip coffee, cold brew, and more.

Moreover, 88 Coffee ensures to meet standards and provides a unique coffee flavor thanks to the following advantages.

Quality Robusta beans

Robusta beans are a popular choice for traditional Vietnamese coffee because of its well-known robust flavor profile, substantial body, and distinct earthy overtones.

88 Coffee guarantees that every cup offers a genuine and remarkable experience that is reminiscent of the busy streets of Vietnam by carefully choosing quality Robusta beans.

These carefully chosen beans undergo meticulous roasting to enhance their unique characteristics, resulting in a brew that is robust, aromatic, and full-bodied.

A high-quality robusta beans from Vietnam

A high-quality robusta beans from Vietnam

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Traditional Vietnamese roasted

To increase the flavor and richness of coffee, 88 Coffee has implemented butter roasting technology. This method not only creates a rich, fragrant flavor but also a natural, glossy, eye-catching color coating.

Notably, the butter roasting coffee method allows coffee ground powder to be absorbed better, and when brewing, the filter is not clogged and extracts soluble substances better.

Ensuring freshness and good quality

With the mission to bring the standard Vietnamese coffee flavor—perfect and always flavorful—88 Coffee takes great care in packaging our products using innovative and reliable methods that maintain the coffee's freshness and integrity during storage and transportation.

With zipper bags to protect the coffee from light and moisture, every detail is thoughtfully considered to guarantee that customers receive coffee of the utmost freshness and quality.

By combining superior coffee with top-notch packaging, 88 Coffee provides businesses with a comprehensive solution that enhances their coffee offerings and ensures a consistently exceptional experience for their customers.

88 Coffee provides a quality bag to keep the coffee always fresh

88 Coffee provides a quality bag to keep the coffee always fresh

Ability to meet demand

At 88 Coffee, we commit to fulfilling your orders, whether it's a small cafe or a bustling restaurant chain, in a timely manner.


Are you looking for a source of genuine Vietnamese coffee in the United States? 88 Coffee is an ideal and more economical choice.

88 Coffee's presence in the United States enables businesses to access a reliable supply of Vietnamese coffee without the logistical challenges and delays typically associated with international shipping.

This not only saves transportation costs, but also allows for more flexible ordering without worrying about the MOQ (minimum order quantity), and can quickly respond to order requirements according to your needs.

Cost savings compared to purchasing retail

Cost savings compared to purchasing retail

After-sales support and assistance

Not only ensuring product quality, at 88 Coffee - With an enthusiastic and dedicated team, we ensure support and customer care to answer questions, such as support for mixing large quantities. for business, how to make a delicious cup of coffee, etc.

Contact 88 Coffee immediately for more detailed information and to receive attractive promotional programs when becoming our partner.