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Vietnamese Coffee in U.S.


At 88 Coffee, our mission is to bring authentic tastes and flavors of Vietnamese coffee to the U.S through quality coffee beans with NO artificial flavors and NO fillers (such as chicory and soybeans).


Our quality coffee beans went through a traditional “butter roasted” process to enhance the scrumptious flavors of Vietnamese Robusta beans. Resulting in a smooth, well-rounded, full-bodied taste with hints of dark chocolate, pleasant popcorn, and delightful nuttiness. Close your eyes and let the aroma whisk you away to the vibrant streets of Vietnam where passions collide, where each cup tells a tale of heritage and the pursuit of perfection.

Vietnamese Coffee in U.S. No artificial flavors, not fillers such as chicory roots or soybean. product of vietnam robusta grounds butter roast
pouring shaken vietnamese coffee into cup

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