• Why does the coffee say it has no fillers such as soybeans but still contain soy?
    • Our coffee does not contain soy-beans but the butter-oil substitute used in the roasting process contains the by-product of soy. Please be advised if you are sensitive or have allergic reactions to soybeans
  • How can I make a good cup of coffee using your coffee?
    • By following the instructions on the back of the coffee bag or click here to see a video. Make sure to use filtered water/bottled water at 200F (let sit 30 seconds after full boil) for the best extraction.
  • Why does my coffee not dripping from the phin filter after I add hot water?
    • Sometimes it is not dripping because the pressure from the hot water is trapped in the mug, resulting in the air from the pressure stuck between the phin and the cup. To troubleshoot this, you can lift up the phin for 5-10 seconds and place it back onto the cup or use a cup with a bigger rim so your phin can have some space to let the air pressure out. If you try this and it still doesn’t work, it could be because the gravity piece of the phin was pushed too hard (the ground is too packed). To troubleshoot, after adding the grounds, only tamper it lightly with the gravity piece; imagine the force as a hug, not a squeeze.
  • How do you suggest to brew a good cup of Vietnamese Coffee?
    Vietnamese Coffee in U.S. direction how to make vietnamese coffee using a coffe phin filter hot or iced coffee