Vietnamese Coconut coffee recipe - Easy Homemade

Surely you have tried many dishes combined with coconut milk, such as desserts and cooked food, but have you ever heard of Coconut coffee? Vietnamese coconut coffee is a delightful fusion of traditional Vietnamese coffee and the creamy richness of coconut milk.

This recipe brings the best of both worlds to your cup, offering a unique and refreshing beverage perfect for any time of the day.

What is Vietnamese Coconut coffee (Cà phê dừa)?

In the heart of Vietnam, where coffee culture runs deep, Vietnamese Coconut coffee has emerged as a popular and refreshing twist on the classic brew. With its ease of use and delicious flavor, this recipe has become increasingly popular as more people discover the delight of making their own coffee mixtures at home.

This unique drink is usually made using robust coffee grounds and a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter called a "phin" to create slowly boil strong, dark coffee. Sweetened condensed milk serves as the foundation, while coconut milk—either freshly squeezed or from a can—adds a tropical touch.

understanding vietnamese coconut coffee

Understanding Vietnamese coconut coffee

What makes Coconut coffee receive so much love?

Even with the coconut milk added, the rich coffee flavor is still very much present and essential to the beverage. Strong Vietnamese coffee and sweet, creamy coconut milk combine creating a delightful fusion of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds.

Another reason for the drink's appeal is its adaptability; the amount of coffee and coconut milk may be adjusted to suit personal tastes, ranging from those who want a stronger cup of coffee to others who prefer a softer, sweeter combination.

Because of its exceptional quality and ability to take drinkers on a sensory adventure that appeals to those who value the intricate interplay of tastes, coconut coffee has become a popular and sought-after option among coffee enthusiasts.

Easy recipe for Coconut coffee

Ingredients & Equipments

  • Coconut milk (50 ml) - It brings a rich, tropical flavor and velvety texture to the coffee experience.
  • Vietnamese coffee (20 g) - To get a delicious and authentic Vietnamese coconut coffee, use ground coffee brands from Vietnam, such as 88 Coffee.
  • Condensed milk (20 ml)
  • Hot water
  • Ice
  • Phin filter, or coffee maker
  • Blender
  • Glass

Processing stages

Step 1: Brewing coffee

Element for a cup of coconut coffee, you should use the traditional brewing style, like Vietnamese, by using a phin filter.

Put 20 g = 4 tablespoons of coffee ground into the phin. Remember to give a gentle shake to evenly distribute the coffee. Then put the gravity press on top of the coffee grounds. After that, add 20 ml = tablespoon of hot water, and leave it for 1 minute for the coffee to bloom. Finally, pour 80 ml of hot water, place the lid on top, and then wait.

Tip: To prevent coffee from burning, you should use boiling water with a temperature of 194 - 203°F (90 - 95°C).

brewing your coffee with phin filter

Brewing your coffee with phin filter

Step 2: Blending coconut milk with condensed milk

Add 80 ml of coconut milk, 20 ml of condensed milk, and 20 ml of whipping cream (with or without) and some ice cubes into the blender. Blend the ingredients until they're smooth and well-combined, without being very thick or watery.

mixing coconut milk, condensed milk

Mixing coconut milk, condensed milk 

Step 3: Combine the coffee and coconut milk mixture

Then, put the freshly brewed coffee into a small shaker or empty bottle and shake to create foam for about 20 - 30 seconds.

Pour the coffee into the glass, add more ice cubes. Finally, carefully and evenly pour the coconut milk mixture over the top. Next, add a small amount of dried coconut for decoration, if desired.

put all the ingredients into a glass

Put all the ingredients into a glass

You can use this as a reference for the typical amount of ingredients for the coconut coffee recipe. That being said, you are free to modify the component amounts to suit your personal tastes.

Tips for a great cup of Coconut coffee in Vietnam

  • If the coconut mixture is getting lumpy, don’t worry! Put the mixture in the microwave to warm up for 20 seconds.
  • When grinding, try not to add too much ice because it will dilute your cup of coconut coffee.
  • If your blender has a small capacity and cannot grind ice, use crushed ice instead. 

That’s the secret to crafting the perfect Vietnamese coconut coffee at home. We hope this easy homemade recipe has not only tantalized your taste but also sparked a newfound appreciation for the rich and aromatic flavors that define this beloved Vietnamese beverage.

Whether you're enjoying your creation on a peaceful weekend morning or giving yourself a midday boost, may the flavor of Vietnamese Coconut coffee whisk you away to the energetic streets of Vietnam, where the fragrant beverage is a beloved daily habit and a part of the city's rich cultural legacy.