How long does ground coffee last? Tips to store ground coffee

A rich, energy-boosting cup of coffee depends greatly on the quality of the coffee beans you choose and how you brew them. But preservation is another equally significant element that adds to the drink's overall perfection.

So, how long does ground coffee last and how to preserve it? In this post, 88 Coffee explains how to store coffee so that its flavor and aroma never fade.

What exactly is ground coffee?

Coffee beans that have been crushed or coarsely cut into smaller pieces so they may be used for brewing are referred to as ground coffee. Grinding coffee beans increases the amount of surface area that comes into contact with water during the brewing process, which helps to extract more flavor, scent, and caffeine. Ground coffee is available in several levels of coarseness, from fine to coarse, based on the type of brewing technique it is meant to be used with.

Different varieties and blends of coffee beans can be used to make ground coffee, and each adds a distinct flavor to the finished product. It is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts due to its convenience and versatility, allowing for easy preparation of freshly brewed coffee at home or in cafes.

discovering the meaning of ground coffee

Discovering the meaning of ground coffee

How long are coffee grounds good for?

Coffee grounds’ shelf life, whether unopened or opened, depends on a number of variables, including the type of coffee, packing, and how it is stored.


Unopened ground coffee usually has a longer shelf life than opened coffee, and the specific time is about a year or until it expires.


Ground coffee that has been opened can maintain acceptable freshness for 1 - 2 weeks; moreover, you should choose a product that is more likely to have less escaped oxygen. This tip helps maintain better quality and flavor. In fact, coffee that is already past this date could be considered safe, unless it shows signs of mold.

coffee's shelf life once it has been opened

Coffee's shelf life once it has been opened

So how to store it? - 5 Tips to store the coffee at home

For coffee lovers, besides paying attention to “How long does ground coffee last?”, “How to preserve it?” is also crucial. If you are worried that your coffee will no longer be of the best quality during use. Let's discover the five simplest and most effective preservation tips for ground coffee and beans below.

Always put it dry place

Moisture is the enemy of coffee freshness as it can cause coffee to become stale and develop off-flavors. Coffee may spoil more quickly when it is stored close to sources of moisture, such as dishwashers, sinks, and humid areas. By keeping coffee in a dry environment, such as a pantry or cupboard, you can help preserve its quality for longer periods and ensure a more satisfying cup of coffee with each brew.

Stay away from a window

The main reason coffee should not be kept near a window is to protect it from direct sunlight. Sunlight can accelerate the degradation of the coffee grounds or even coffee beans, causing them to lose their freshness and flavor. Furthermore, sunlight’s UV rays have the potential to oxidize coffee’s oil, giving it a dull taste.

By storing coffee away from windows in a cool, dark place, you can help preserve its aroma, and overall quality for a longer period.

Prevent coffee from being exposed to sunlight and increase the temperature of the storage area, which could cause condensation and moisture inside the coffee container. 

Don't put it in the fridge

The fridge typically maintains a humid environment and is prone to moisture. temperature fluctuations in this area, such as opening and closing the door a lot, can also affect the coffee’s quality by creating condensation within the container. The moisture encourages the growth of mold or destroys the flavor of the coffee. Therefore, do not put the product in the fridge!

Store in an airtight container

Coffee can be kept fresher for longer periods of time by minimizing air exposure through the use of airtight containers. These containers also aid to slow down the oxidation process. Moreover, an airtight container helps to prevent absorption of unwanted odors from the surrounding environment.

Coffee is quite absorbent, if it’s not packed properly, it can readily absorb the aromas of foods or substances nearby. An airtight container forms a barrier that keeps the flavor and aroma of the coffee pure.

tips to keep your coffee fresh for longer

Easy tips to help keep your coffee fresh for longer

Buy the right amount

Avoid buying coffee in huge quantities if you want it to stay fresh and flavorful. Instead, purchase enough to last for two weeks or possibly a month.


How long do coffee beans last?

Like ground coffee, whole bean coffee can be kept for up to a year when it is in a sealed package, and for one week to one month when opened.

What’s the best container for storing coffee?

Airtight containers made of ceramic or glass are ideal for storing coffee. These containers protect against air, moisture, and light, helping to preserve the coffee’s quality.

How can I tell if my coffee has gone bad?

A bitter or unpleasant taste, a loss of freshness, flavor, and scent indicate that coffee is stale or ruined. Other noticeable indications that the coffee has gone bad and should be thrown away include the formation of mold or a foul smell.

That’s the information on “How long does ground coffee last?” and ways to store it. It is evident that preservation has a significant impact on the creation of a flavorful cup of coffee. Hopefully, following these tips will help you keep coffee at its best. To be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with full flavor while providing energy and ensuring quality, immediately choose products from 88 Coffee. We not only carefully select premium coffee beans to produce quality products, but the packaging is also carefully and strictly equipped before being delivered to users.